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Product Designer (Contract)

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Why Spreadsheets?

Spreadsheets are one of the hardest things you can build — right up there with compilers. To succeed, you need technical excellence on the backend, paired with utter obsessiveness on the frontend, partnered with a genuine empathy for users. As scaffolding for the mind used by more than 1 billion people, spreadsheets are one of the few applications that can have a universal impact on people's daily lives.

Sourcetable is a spreadsheet that syncs to your data. Our goal is to democratize information access so everyone can understand their data and make better decisions. We are a group of experienced founders, engineers and designers on a mission to build products to reach this goal. Execution will demand focus, resourcefulness and creativity. (A good sense of humor helps, but is not required.)

Simple is hard

For most people, accessing their data in a spreadsheet is just far too hard using existing solutions. This is such a common yet overlooked problem that we're rebuilding spreadsheets from the ground up with data as a first class citizen. Some might call this excessive, while many simply won't understand. We know it's worth sweating the small stuff when it comes to making things simple.

Bay Area Company — Remote Welcome

Push code from anywhere you like, just keep the bar high. We coordinate on Pacific Standard Time.

* Applicants must be based in the United States or Australia.

Customer service first

Everyone answers support tickets. We have found this is the best way to generate product alignment and empathy for the user.

Ship it

Make it work, make it right, make it fast.

Product Designer (Contractor)

The Job

Accessing data in a spreadsheet is still far too hard for most people. So much so that we’re rebuilding spreadsheets from the ground up with data as a first class citizen. We are looking for a contract designer whose primary responsibility will be to develop product-wide wireframing and designs to help bring the product to market, in addition to diving deeper into interaction design work for certain core parts of the app. You will also develop a visual language guide.

To succeed in this role you must be able to work quickly and have a natural love for data-driven systems. Initial engagement will involve working closely with the CEO and product team, with iterative design preferred over waterfall approaches.

You will be the first professional designer to work on Sourcetable and will have a meaningful impact on its design culture and trajectory.

The Technology
  • Figma. We like using Figma. It's not a hard requirement, but we do like Figma best.
  • Full stack coding experience. You won’t actually be doing any coding, and you don’t have to be very good, but it is important that you have at least modest coding experience. The reason is because the core of our product is giving users persistent data access in a spreadsheet. Design discussions frequently extend from the UI right down through to the database schemas and integrations. Please do not apply if you do not have some coding experience.
  • 3+ Years design experience
  • Design portfolio (please send when applying)
What we value
  • Startup experience preferred
  • Demonstrable spreadsheet experience
  • Experience designing Business Intelligence (pivots, summarizations, dashboarding flows, etc.), analytics, or other internal tooling or data introspection solutions.
  • Contractor rates

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